Thursday, February 12, 2009

Schedule of Asansol - Kolkata SBSTC Govt Bus Service

There are daily 15 bus services from Asansol to Kolkata.

These buses depart from Asansol City Bus Stand (Near Hutton Road More) // Some of them like the 5:30 am bus departs from Burnpur Bus-stand at 5 in the morning and can be availed from any local bus stop within the town.
All these buses teminate at Esplanade in Kolkata, some of them continue upto Karunamoyee.

Time Taken is from 3h30min to 4 hours. 

The buses are non-AC 2x3 type (most of them are Tata Starbuses)
The full fare from Asansol to Kolkata is Rs.100

Tickets can be booked from the counter inside Asansol City Bus-Stand.
For early morning buses tickets can be bought in advance (read:the day before)

  • 1>05:30 am
  • 2>06:00 am 
  • 3>06:30 am 
  • 4>07:00 am 
  • 5>07:15 am 
  • 6>08:00 am 
  • 7>08:15 am 
  • 8>08:55 am 
  • 9>10:30 am 
  • 10>1:15 pm 
  • 11>2:15 pm 
  • 12>3:00 pm 
  • 13>4:00 pm 
  • 14>4:15 pm 
  • 15>5:30 pm (AC Bus - Non Volvo)
Departure time from Kolkata(esplanade bus stand): NOTE - THE FOLLOWING DATA HAS NOT BEEN UPDATED.
7:00 am, 7:30 am, 12 noon, 12:30pm, 3:00pm and 4:30 pm.


  1. wrong information, bus time 6.45am is not available in this chart

  2. go this site get all details---

  3. can anyone give me the time table of NON-AC buses from KOLKATA to ASANSOL(not asansol to kolkata)?